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Georg Kolbe — The Artist and National Socialism

Breaks and Continuities in Life, Work and Reception

Hrsg.  Elisa Tamaschke und Julia Wallner
Sofort lieferbar. Erschienen Dezember 2023

Previously unknown sources evaluated for the first time  

Georg Kolbe (1877-1947) is one of the most important sculptors of the first half of the 20th century in Germany and an important representative of classical modernism. In particular, his work during the National Socialist era has not been fully explored until now. This volume places research on Kolbe on a new footing.

Georg Kolbe (1877–1947), one of the most important sculptors of the first half of the 20th century in Germany, was an important representative of classical modernism. However, his activities during National Socialism have not yet been fully explored. With the receipt of an extensive estate from the bequest of Kolbe’s late granddaughter Maria von Tiesenhausen in 2019, it is now possible to gain more precise research perspectives. In 2021 the Georg Kolbe Museum initiated a research project and invited art historians to critically access the new materials. Numerous art historians accepted the invitation of the Georg Kolbe Museum to examine the mainly written material, which was created from 1933 to the post-war period.
The results are presented in this publication and offer new insights into Georg Kolbe’s activities on the art market, his dealings with public and private clients, his participation in exhibitions, his political contacts as well as his self-promotion strategies between 1933-45. The volume thus offers a new basis for the examination of artists' biographies during National Socialism and encourages more in-depth research.

Elisa Tamaschke ist Kunsthistorikerin und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, und Projektverantwortliche für die Bearbeitung des Teilnachlasses von Georg Kolbe, den das Museum 2020 aus Kanada erhalten hat.
Julia Wallner ist Kunsthistorikerin und war 2013–22 Direktorin des Georg Kolbe Museums. Dank Ihrer Vermittlung konnte der Teilnachlass für das Museum zurückgewonnen werden. Seit 2022 ist Wallner Direktorin des Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck.

Magdalena Bushart, Ambra Frank, Christian Fuhrmeister, Jan Giebel, Arie Hartog, Christina Irrgang, Gesa Jeuthe Vietzen, Bernhard Maaz, Olaf Peters, Kathleen Reinhardt, Wolfgang Schöddert, Dorothea Schöne, Paula Schwerdtfeger, Aya Soika, Maike Steinkamp, Elisa Tamaschke, Anja Tiedemann und Julia Wallner

Art history, sculpture, 20th century, classical modernism, Georg Kolbe, National Socialism, continuities, post-war Germany, science, museum, visual history, art history, "Drittes Reich", Berlin, sculpture, visual arts

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