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176 S. mit 165 Farb- u. 18 sw-Abb., 21 x 29,7 cm, Br

ISBN 978-3-496-02857-4

69,00 € [D]

Hans-Joachim Koloss

Cameroon – Thoughts and Memories

Ethnological Research in Oku and Kembong 1975–2005

Sofort lieferbar. Erschienen November 2012

In this volume, which features an abundance of excellent color illustrations, Hans-Joachim Koloss describes the circumstances and settings of his research.

His fieldwork largely focused on the secret societies. Hence, an enthralling story unfolds which is not only about the everyday events and problems faced by the researcher, but also about the almost unlimited support granted him by the dignitaries. The comprehensive material collected in the course of his research – particularly on the monarchical and egalitarian as well as religious traditions – lent itself as a basis for a discussion not only of specific aspects of modern fieldwork theory, but also of the results gained by other fieldworkers in Oku.
This is the final volume of his Cameroon trilogy. It has been preceded by the volumes World-View and Society in Oku (Cameroon) (2000) and Traditional Institutions in Kembong (Cameroon) (2008).
The author:
Hans-Joachim Koloss; Reiss-Museum Mannheim (1970–72); Linden-Museum Stuttgart (1973–85); Ethnologisches Museum Berlin (1985–2001)

(...), this text lends itself to scrutiny in graduate seminars focused on field research methodology and should be of interest to anyone concerned with the region's art or with collecting objects for museums.
[Gitti Salami, african arts]  

Handout (pdf)

World-View and Society in Oku (Cameroon)

Traditional Institutions in Kembong (Cameroon)