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Bearbeitet, kommentiert und herausgegeben von Gertrud Boden und Anne-Maria Fehn unter Mitarbeit von Thaddeus Chedau
712 S. m. 12 Farbabb., 21 x 29,7 cm, Leinen mit Schutzumschlag

ISBN 978-3-496-00016-7

Text in Englisch und Khwe

270,00 € [D]

Oswin Köhler

Family and Society (Familie und Gesellschaft); Customary Law: Norms and Practices (Gewohnheitsrecht: Normen und Praktiken)

The World of the Khwe Bushmen in Southern Africa - Die Welt der Kxoé-Buschleute im südlichen Afrika
Band 4.1
Sofort lieferbar. Erschienen Oktober 2018

The encyclopaedia ‘The World of the Khwe Bushmen in Southern Africa’ presents
Khwe culture in vernacular texts compiled by Oswin Köhler (1911–1996) during more than 30 years of field research.

The current volume depicts Khwe cultural practices and norms within the domain of social organisation as expressed by Khwe individuals. It covers a wide range of topics including the life cycle – from pregnancy, childbirth, name giving, childhood, puberty and marriage up to death, burial and inheritance –, as well as clan organisation, marriage order, rules of conduct, speech taboos, property rights, offences and jurisdiction. The edition presents the Khwe texts with grammatical glosses, English translations and detailed texthistorical analyses.

The author
Oswin Köhler (1911–1996), linguist and ethnographer, founder and head of the Institute of African Studies at the University of Cologne until his retirement in 1977. His main mission was the publication of the vernacular Khwe encyclopedia. Apart from Khwe, he studied numerous other Khoisan, Bantu, Gur and Nilotic languages. His academic legacy is housed at the Institute of African Studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main and will be edited further during the next years.

Key words:
Khoisan, Khwe, Kxoé, Ethnography, Social anthropology, Legal anthropology, African studies, hunter-gatherer cultures, Southern Africa

In compiling the volume, the two editors were faced with a relatively disjointed data base. Rather than being able to draw on a draft version, they were confronted with piles of typed or handwritten pieces of texts and comments which they – together with Thaddeus Chedau and other members of the Khwe community – managed to turn into a coherent and highly valuable book – one that makes the Khwe culture one of the best documented among the peoples of Namibia.
To be sure, with a price of EUR 270, this is not a cheap book. But considering the size of the book, the wealth of ethnographic information it contains, and the contribution it makes to the documentation of Namibia's cultural heritage, this price does not strike me as being excessively high.
[Bernd Heine, Journal of Namibian Studies]  

Contents, extract and index

Family and Society (pdf)

Customary Law (pdf)

Band 4.2: Omens and Dreams, Spells and Magic; Religion: Beliefs, Institutions and Rites

Band 5.1: Illness and Healing; Music and Dance, Games and Arts

Band 5.2: Myths and Legends, Fairy Tales and Narration; World and Nature